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Should you fix or sell your old car?

To sell or not to sell, that is the question. Owners of old autos are often confronted with one common question: Is my car worth the fixing, or is it better off sold? Here’s a brief guide to help you decide. Find out when is a junk car worth fixing and worth selling. Read on.

Why Do People Keep Their Old Autos?

People hold onto their old cars for various reasons. Among the most common causes include:

  • They cannot afford a new one.

    Most car owners keep their old autos only for one reason: they cannot replace them with newer ones. To date, the average new car scores over $47,000 in the market. With such a staggering value, it’s no surprise that many car owners choose to keep their old autos and endure the constant overheating and engine troubles.

  • Their cars only have minor problems.

    Some people have the funds to purchase a new car, but they still choose not to. The question centers on practicality, not capability. Owners that are only troubled by minor car issues such as paint wear and rust formation choose to endure these problems and settle for some quick repairs instead of purchasing a new auto.

  • For memories’ sake.

    Money isn’t the only thing that keeps owners from junking their old cars. Some people also like to keep their autos for sentimental reasons. After all, driving isn’t just a simple chore; it’s also an experience. Going on trips and sharing roadside scenery with other people constitute good memories. For some, letting go of their cars means letting go of those precious times, too.

  • As collateral for a loan.

    Cars are high-value properties. You cannot just snatch them without a reasonable sum of money at hand. Consequently, they can help you in times of financial trouble. Old and new cars alike can be used as collateral for a loan. Many car owners choose to hold onto their old autos to use them as loan security in times of financial emergency.

Should I Fix My Car or Sell It?

While some are willing to keep their old autos, others are quick to sell them. If you’re still stumped on what to choose, here are a few questions to ask yourself to come up with the right decision.

  • How much do you spend on maintenance and repair?

    One common misconception among car owners is that keeping an old auto is a good way to save cash. Yet, this is not always the case. Just think about the regular repairs needed to keep your car running.

    How much do you pay for an oil & filter replacement? How often do you need to replace your car’s battery? Are your brakes working just fine? Is that $1500 oil leak getting worse? Try to list all the maintenance and repair works necessary to keep your car running. Add them to your fuel costs, licensing fees, and other necessary expenses. Once you’ve done the math, search up your car’s current value online. Which one is higher? If maintenance and repair-related expenses score better than your car’s current market price, then it’s wiser to bid your old auto goodbye.

  • Is your car safe to drive?

    Your safety should be your top priority. Submit your car for an inspection to see what issues it has. An expert mechanic can inspect and identify which problems are fixable and which are not. There are also many tell-tale signs that your car is already unsafe to use. Among these common warning signs:

    • The smell of fuel or burning oilwhile driving.
    • Squeaks or rattles in your brakes.
    • Unexplained noises in your car when being used.
    • Steam and smoke from your exhaust.
    • Difficulty getting the car started.
    • Puddles of oils and fluids wherever you park.

    Although keeping your old car may allow you to save up some cash in the meantime, a future breakdowncan break your bank account in an instant.

Where Can I Sell My Car?

If your old car isn’t worth the fixing, you can sell it to any of the following:

  • If it’s still functioning well and only has minor issues: Car Dealer or Private Buyer

    You can sell a functioning car to either a car dealer or a private buyer. If you want to boost your car’s possible value, you may submit it to a professional technician or mechanic to make some quick minor improvements. Giving your old car a new paint or replacing some of its old parts may help you score higher prices in the market. Just make sure that the repair expenses will not cost you more than what you can receive from the sale.

  • If it has major technical problems: Car junk buyers

    You may still sell your car even if it has major technical issues or is already inoperable. Many local and national junk buyers are willing to pay more for that chunk of metal sitting on your lawn. Try to get at least three quotes from the nearest junk buyers in your area and choose the one that offers the best deal.

Why you should sell your car to Sell Us Your Car AZ

Think your old ‘auto buddy’ isn’t worth fixing anymore? You can sell it to us here at Sell Us Your Car AZ. We take pride in our over 15 years of experience in the car buying industry. The whole process is pretty simple. Simply give us details about your car, schedule your pick-up or drop-off time, and get instant cash!

Call us at (602) 698-9155 for an instant quote!

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Can I sell my car without a title?

Troubled about your car constantly breaking down? Stressing over the incessant auto repair costs breaking your savings? Those are tell-tale signs that your vehicle is way past its prime. It might be better to bid your old car goodbye when this happens. Selling your auto to a dealer or a junk buyer lets you get rid of that big lump of metal for hard cash. But can you proceed with the car sale without a title? Find out here.

What is a Car Title?

A car title is often dubbed as one, if not the most, important legal document attached to a vehicle. It is a certificate issued by the state establishing proof of ownership for a car and providing the necessary information involving the same, such as the year, make, and model of the vehicle, odometer reading, and other valuable details.

Having a car title in your name is equivalent to declaring you are the legal owner of a car and therefore have the right to possess, use, enjoy, and alienate the same at your liking.

Where to Get A Car Title in AZ?

Under Arizona law, any resident who buys or sells a car is required to apply for a title transfer at any Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office within 15 days following the sale.

If you choose to contract with a private buyer, you will generally need to accomplish all the titling and registration processes by yourself. On the other hand, employing a car dealer will relieve you from that obligation. Most car dealers here in AZ handle the car title transfer process and registration. You may choose to transact with the latter if you want to ditch the hassles that come with car titling and registration.

Can I Sell My Junk Car For Cash With No Title?

The short answer is no. There are corresponding penalties that arise when you fail to register your car and apply for a title in the manner provided under the law. Still, this doesn’t mean that you cannot enter into legal sales unless and until you present a title transfer to the interested buyer.

As mentioned earlier, most car dealers and junk car buyers already handle the necessary paperwork for completing a car sale, including accomplishing the title transfer, registering the car, and more. This lets owners sell their vehicles without a title on hand on the condition that dealers themselves will be the ones to handle and accomplish such obligations.

Steps on how to sell a car without a title
  1. Identify who buys junk cars without a title near you.

    Not all dealers handle the necessary paperwork to complete a valid car sale on behalf of their customers. You will need to find companies that expressly offer such a type of service. You can spot responsible dealers and car junk buyers willing to handle it all for you through a quick online search. You may also personally ask the nearest car buying businesses in your area to know if they buy junk cars without the need for a title. Your friends and colleagues may also direct you to an experienced car dealer who will buy your junk car and handle the titling and registration processes.

    Overall, it all boils down to your research skills and connections. You may also check out what we offer here at Sell Us Your Car AZ. We buy junk cars with no title.

  2. Contact a reputable dealer and get a quote.

    After identifying a few reputable dealers near you that accept old cars without a title, it’s time to get in touch with them. They will generally tell you what they need and how they can get things done for you. Be sure to inform them that you don’t possess a title over your auto.

    If you’re satisfied, ask for a quote. To give you a proper valuation, most dealers will only need a few important details about your vehicle, such as the car year, make, and mode.

    Try to contact at least three junk car buyers and compare their prices. Which offers the highest bid? Are they experienced enough to know the intricacies of the whole titling and registration process? Once you’ve set up your mind, lock the deal and bid your old auto goodbye.

  3. Schedule your preferred pick-up time.

    The next step is to set up a pick-up time that is most convenient for you. Many junk car buyers offer this service for free. Be sure to get a reputable dealer that will come to pick up your car without demanding any additional cost.

  4. Get paid.

    Getting the full payment for your car will close the sale. The whole process should be fast and easy. The buyer will pick up your auto and give you cash right away.

Why Choose Sell Us Your Car AZ

Selling your old vehicle isn’t supposed to be a challenge. With or without a title, we are willing to buy most junk cars for a considerable price! We’ve been buying vehicles for over 15 years now. We know exactly what to do to complete a legal and binding auto sale. Just leave everything to us. We only need you to provide the necessary details about your vehicle, such as its location, year, make, model, and condition, to help us give a fair valuation.

Give us a call to get a quote now!

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Where Can I Sell My Car For The Most Money?

People sell used cars for various reasons. Some do it to get out of debt. Others sell the same to finance a major purchase. For some people, it’s a way to keep up with their lifestyle changes, while others simply sell because the vehicle is not worth the fixing anymore. Overall, the reasons are as diverse as there are car types out there. But while all sellers have different purposes, they all share one common aspiration: To get the most money out of the said sale.

If you’re thinking of selling your used car, know that there are ways to secure top value for it. Learn how you can make the most money in a car sale below.

What is the easiest way to sell your car for the most money?

When it comes to selling cars, the easy route doesn’t always translate to the most money. Often, sellers are forced to choose only one: take the easy path or take the one that promises higher payouts. 

Generally, if you’re after the former, selling your old auto to a dealer is the most favorable answer. But if you’re more concerned with the latter, most people will recommend finding a private buyer. Still, this doesn’t mean that locking an easy sale with the most money is ultimately impossible. With the right info and enough preparation, you may still enjoy the best of both worlds. Here’s how:

  • Research about your car’s current value

The first step to securing an easy yet fair car sale is to get a valuation of your old car. This is your best shield against buyers that will try to haggle down your price as low as possible. Luckily, you can now easily look up the appropriate value of your car online for free! Many websites now provide online estimator tools to calculate your car’s value on your behalf. Your only task is to know the important details about your vehicle, like the year, make, model, mileage, and VIN. 

Once you collect all those details, you’re now set to know your car’s value. Simply fill out the online forms and wait for the results. Keep in mind that different websites will use different criteria in calculating your auto’s value. Hence, it’s best to always try more than one valuation tool. This will help you know what’s the most acceptable lowest price and the highest possible price for your vehicle.

  • Talk to a licensed dealer

Since you now have an idea of how much your old auto is worth, you can now get in touch with licensed dealers in your area without the worry of getting lower offers. Fortunately, the internet is flooded with reputable car dealers. You can easily find one online and know more about their backgrounds.

Of course, you may still opt to get into a private sale with someone. However, that will not be an easy feat. You need to do many things, such as collecting the required paperwork, creating ads that sell, screening interested buyers, and negotiating prices. Worse, the whole process usually extends for months. You’ll have to wait for potential buyers while letting your car sit for a while and get older in your yard. 

Since you’re now equipped with knowledge on the appropriate value of your old vehicle, the better route is now to rely on a reputable dealer and sell your car online. Like the first step, be sure to talk to more than one dealer and request a quotation. This will let you expand your options and weigh-in, which will give you the easiest way to sell your car for the most money.

  • Decide and set a Pickup Time

Once you’ve reviewed your options, it’s time to decide. Choose the dealer that gives the highest pay, will handle all the necessary paperwork, offers car pickup service with no additional cost, and provides instant pay. Once you’ve locked the deal, set the most favorable pickup time for you.

  • Get paid

Finally; once your car has been picked up, you’ll get to enjoy the proper payment at the palm of your hand! Be sure to get a dealer that pays you at the same instant that you give them your car. It should be that easy.

How do I get the best price while selling my car?

There are different techniques to boost your auto’s selling price. Depending on your car’s condition, you may focus on merely improving its appeal, setting it up for minor repairs, or selling it for scrap.

  • Improve its appearance

Car’s aren’t just for travels; they are also fashion statements. Since you’ll be selling to a dealer who will eventually resell your auto, you’ll need to ensure that your car is presentable enough to attract future buyers. This will push dealers to provide higher offers.

  • Fix minor problems

Noticing some dents and chips? Quick, minor repairs may add to your expenses, but they’ll benefit you in the long run. The fewer issues your car has, the more money you’ll be able to secure when you sell it.

  • Sell it for scrap

If your automobile has major mechanical failures or isn’t functioning at all, you may still sell it and get the best price. Many junk car buyers like Sell Us Your Car AZ are more than willing to pay for your old vehicle. If you choose to take this route, you’ll get rid of that hunk of metal in your yard for a reasonable price.

Where are the best places to sell a used car?

As discussed above, you can either sell your used car to a dealer or a private buyer. You can find both online. As for the former, you’ll simply need to contact one, get a quote, and set a pickup time. As to the latter, you’ll have to list your car on various websites, set up that SALE sign, and arrange meetups. If you want to sell used car as is, you may opt to sell the same to junk car buyers in Phoenix or a reputable parts dealer.

Here at Sell Us Your Car AZ, you’ll get to take advantage of a fast and easy transaction while securing top dollar for your old auto. We take pride in our over 15 years of experience buying and selling cars and offer free car pick-up service across all cities of Arizona.


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How to Sell a Used Car for Quick Holiday Cash

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to consider methods to finance gifts for family and friends. Additional holiday costs might feel overwhelming if you are already tight on cash. Here is an idea – why not sell your used car?

But how do you go about doing it? Go to all the junk yards in Phoenix? Take many good photos, then post an ad for used cars for sale by owner on sites like Craigslist, Autotrader, eBay Motors, and sell your car online? Craigslist is free but watch out for scammers! With Autotrader, you’ll have to pay $25 for a basic ad. For eBay Motors, you can buy an ad or auction off your car and wait for bids.

If you sell a used car, whether it’s on Craigslist, AutoTrader, or other classified ads, you can expect to be answering many phone calls and spam calls. Moreover, if there are mechanical issues with your used vehicle, you may have to invest in repairs to get a good price.

It’s a lot to do and time or money spent for an old used or junk car. Following are seven steps you can take to sell a used car as is that will be much easier and faster.

Seven Steps to junk your old car for quick holiday cash

1. Find a Licensed Salvage Dealer

First, you will need to find a reputable salvage dealer like Sell Us Your Car AZ. Reputable means a dealer that will be fair, offer good customer service, and be licensed and insured. We make a concerted effort to be the most reputable junk car buyer in Phoenix, Arizona, paying cash for the pick-up of your used car.

With the cash you can get when you sell us your car, the gifts for family and friends will be covered. No more stressing about how to finance the holidays.

2. Have all your vehicle information handy

Information to have available includes the car title, if possible, the make, model, year, mileage, body, and engine condition. If possible, please include your vehicle’s identification number (VIN). Not necessary. However, we want to provide you with the most accurate cash value for your automobile when you sell it to us.

3. Request a quotation for your junk car

Although your junk car may no longer be operational, Sell Us Your Car AZ will still buy it from you. You can sell a used car as is since the vehicle’s parts may well be worth something. The value of a car also varies depending on the make, model, and condition. A junk car’s value may also be higher based on how big it is. Since trucks and SUVs are heavier than sedans, they are more valuable in the long run.

Note that we’re only able to guarantee quotations for up to 48 hours because of today’s fast-moving markets. But don’t let that discourage you from selling your car to us!

4. Set a Pickup Time

Do you have an old car wasting valuable space on your property but are afraid of the cost of hiring a towing service to remove it? Well, you’re in for a surprise. Sell Us Your Car AZ will pick up your junk car the same day or the next day.

5. Sign Sale Paperwork

When selling junk vehicles, be aware of local laws and restrictions. Sometimes, you may want specific legal documentation in order to scrap a car. We will handle all of the necessary documentation for the transfer of your automobile. Our courteous drivers will show you the right place for signing your title or bill of sale. All you need to do is notify us of the day and time you want your car picked up.

6. Get Paid Cash for Your Junk Car

A respectable dealer will always pay you the agreed-upon price when you sell your junk car. Dealers who try to haggle a lower price at the time of pick-up should be avoided at all costs. At Sell Us Your Car AZ, we always pay you the negotiated price when we pick your vehicle up unless major parts of the car are missing.

7. Report the sale to DMV and your insurance company

You should inform the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if you sell, trade, or donate your automobile. Notifications can be made online, in person at a customer service location, or by phone. Additionally, you should tell your insurance carrier, if applicable, whenever you sell, trade, or donate a vehicle.

Where to sell my car online?

Trying to get rid of an old or junk automobile can be difficult. To help people like you get rid of your old or junk vehicle or scrap a car, we started in 2012. Based in the Phoenix metro region, we serve customers across the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.

Even though we specialize in buying junk vehicles for cash, we’d be happy to accept your old used automobile in exchange for cash as well. We can offer you more money for your automobile than any other auto salvage in Phoenix since we have more than 50 years of experience buying old cars.

Pick up my junk!

The procedure to sell a used car at Sell Us Your Car AZ is simplified since we handle all the paperwork and provide a free car pickup service. We will come and pick up your junk vehicle, whether it’s running or not, at a convenient time for you. What’s up with the lack of a title? No worries, we’ll still buy your automobile for cash.

Contact Sell Us Your Car

We acquire automobiles that have been wrecked in accidents or have been totaled. Trucks, ATVs, motorbikes, and even heavy machinery like tractors are among the vehicles we purchase. Even if it doesn’t run, we’ll purchase it if it has wheels. We make it simple for you to sell us your car. We’ll take your old or junk vehicle away as soon as possible if you get in touch with us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule our car pick-up service. Call (602) 932-1767 now for an Instant Quote!

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Why Is My Car Junk? (What is a Junk Car?)

When a vehicle reaches a certain age and mileage, it may not be worth it to fork over the money to repair it. A used car dealer won’t be interested in it as it has no resale value.

Often, people will just let the car sit on their property, hoping someday to have the extra cash to get it in shape. The only value it has is to them, for whatever reason, it’s their first car, or the model is classic (read old and out of style).

So, there it sits, further deteriorating from lack of use and maintenance and the ravages of time and weather. The rats crawl in, and the rats crawl out, and the rats play Pinochle on the hood. Come on man. It’s time to admit this car is JUNK!

Here’s the thing, you know the thing. A car or other type of vehicle like this does have value if you call Sell Us Your Car AZ! We will give you top-dollar cash right away for your junk car, even if it doesn’t run. We pick up junk cars, so you don’t have to pay to have them towed away.

How dare you call my car junk!

You love your old car and think it’s the cat’s meow and feel insulted when it is called “junk.” Your significant other or your neighbors may see it as junk, but you still hold on to the old girl. Just a thought. Why do we see cars as female? Did you ever hear anyone say, “my car is low on oil; we better get HIM some oil.”

Sorry to digress, let’s get to the point of this article, what is a junk car in reality? Whether a vehicle is junk or not isn’t just a subjective view. There are legal elements to the definition of a “junk car.” In this nation of laws, this has been well thought out and put down on paper.

Classified as junk

Municipalities commonly have a definition of junk cars to keep them off the roads and out of yards. A local government establishes a list of criteria, and a vehicle must typically fulfill the majority of them to be classified as “junk.” Taxes or fines frequently accompany this designation.

According to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System 49 U.S. Code § 30501 – a junk automobile means one that (A) is incapable of operating on public streets, roads, and highways; and (B) has no value except as a source of parts or scrap.

Youngsters and Rats

There are good reasons to define what a junk auto is. Excessive junk cars might jeopardize community character and safety. They may create neighborhood degradation, affecting property values. Junked cars attract youngsters and attract rats, insects, and other problems.

The typical junk car is 20 years old, has 120,000 miles on it, has a serious collision, and has neglected maintenance. Do any of these qualities sound like your automobile? If they do, then selling a car for scrap is the solution.

Junk car nuisance regulations

Most communities have addressed this issue by enacting junk car nuisance regulations that restrict the storing of junk automobiles in public locations. Typical characteristics of these ordinances include the following:

  • The vehicle is not new.
  • It has been extensively damaged or degraded.
  • A junk car may miss parts such as tires, transmission, motor, and broken windows.
  • It has little value; no one wants it except a scrap car buyer.
  • There is no licensed driver or registration.
  • The car is parked on the street or private property without moving or authorization to be there.
  • The vehicle has one persistent mechanical problem that can’t be fixed in a certain number of tries within a certain range of mileage.
  • The vehicle has an approximate fair market value equal only to the approximate value of the scrap in it.

Phoenix Codes – Common Blight Violations

Phoenix, Arizona, has city codes and local laws adopted by the Phoenix City Council regarding “blights” upon the neighborhood to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. These blights include vegetation, junk, litter, debris, fences in disrepair, non-dust-proof parking, graffiti, illegal signs, and JUNK CARS.

You don’t want to have a car that is a blight on your neighborhood, do you? Not only could you be subject to a violation, taxes, or fines, you will be known as a blighter! Something that in ancient times may have resulted in flogging and dismemberment!

Sell Us Your Car AZ can remove this blight on your property and stain your neighborhood reputation by taking your junk car away. You can also bring it to us. Either way, you will get cash on the spot for your old vehicle. Not just a car, but a truck, SUV, ATV, or heavy equipment will get you cash in your hands.

Inoperable vehicles

Phoenix designates junk cars as “Inoperable vehicles,” and Phoenix City Code Chapter 39, Sec. 39-7H says this:

“Inoperable vehicles must not be visible from beyond the bounds of the property. An inoperable vehicle is one that is not equipped with all parts required to legally and safely operate on public streets and/or cannot be driven under its own power. Car covers, tarps, bamboo, shades, and other similar types of materials are not acceptable screening.”

Contact Sell Us Your Car AZ Now!

If you have finally come to the conclusion that your car or another vehicle on your property is junk and want to sell your car fast, contact us now. You will get paid top dollar on the spot. When we come to pick up junk cars, we either give you cash or a check.

We specialize in scrap car removal and have done it for over 15 years, so we know how much your automobile is worth. If you need cash, you will immediately get it by junking your car and have it towed away for free! Just give us a call at (602) 698-9155 now for an instant quote!

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How To Get Cash for Your Old Car

Is your aging car past its prime? Perhaps you’re hoping to sell it for a profit. Just because your car is too old or damaged to be roadworthy, it might be good enough to get something for it.

There are several methods for disposing of an automobile, and you must select the most appropriate one for your circumstances. If you’re strapped for cash, for example, you’ll want to sell it fast and simple.

When considering how to dispose of an old automobile, there are three critical concerns to address first:

  • Are you willing to spend on repairs in order to maximize the value of your car?
  • Are you willing to give it up in its current condition in exchange for a minor tax receipt?
  • Is a quick and painless sale of your car all you want?

Your financial position and the condition of your vehicle are the primary factors in determining the manner of disposal you choose. Without further ado, here are four of the most viable choices for selling your automobile and earning some extra income on the side.

Should you sell your car?

Depending on the car’s condition, you may decide to sell it right away or fix it first. When it comes time to sell, having the repairs done will, of course, get you more money. So, if you can afford it and have the mechanical skills, complete the needed body and repair work before you sell it.

Making the switch to do-it-yourself might be the difference between tripling your investment and losing a lot of money. You’ll want to ensure that every knob, switch, and dial within the vehicle functions properly, as it’s the small details that tend to stick out in a buyer’s memory.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep your automobile looking its best, which means that anything that detracts from its general appearances, such as a large dent or broken side mirror, should be repaired.

Making your car look its best might result in an additional few thousand dollars for your car. That said, if you’re unfamiliar with automobiles, it makes little sense to spend thousands of dollars repairing one unless you’re certain you’ll earn a tidy profit afterward.

If you’re working with a restricted budget, prioritize repairs that affect the vehicle’s performance and look since these are the areas that most purchasers focus on, which means you’ll get the most bang for your repair dollars.

Wax on – Wax off

In order to get the highest price when selling a car, you should make it as bright and attractive as possible, even if the vehicle is decades old. Consider that buyers want clean, well-maintained automobiles, so vacuum and clean the upholstery and get out the wax and shine.

Exchange it

If you intended to purchase a new automobile in the first place, trading in your old vehicle would be a realistic choice. To get the most out of your trade-in, you should follow these three steps:

  1. Trade it in – Do research on your specific make and model to find the fair trade-in value based on your car’s present condition and mileage. Find out what it’s worth on the open market.
  2. Repair the vehicle – any issues with the vehicle might reduce its trade-in value. Simple modifications, such as fixing small scratches and dents, can significantly increase the value of your automobile, perhaps increasing the trade-in offer to the maximum amount.
  3. Check out available dealers – there are several advantages to going around to several car dealers. Besides receiving a better trade-in value, this strategy may result in the lowest possible purchase price for your new vehicle, the lowest possible interest rate on your auto loan, and maybe even a better insurance deal.

Visit several dealerships and request a quotation to determine the going trade-in value of your vehicle. Comparing quotes helps you get a better deal on the purchase of a new car.

Give your old car to a good cause

Some charities will accept your automobile in any condition. Several of them engage underprivileged individuals to repair and rehabilitate automobiles, after which they sell the vehicle to support their program. The salvageable parts can be sold, and the vehicle can be sent to a recycling facility for a charge.

If you donate your old car to a registered charity, you’ll receive a tax receipt you may use on your next tax return as a charitable donation. Be prepared to offer enough documentation of your donation, though; the BIR warns that any item claimed as a deduction is still up for scrutiny by the agency.

Scrap your car

Your vehicle should be scrapped as the last option. You may decide to junk your automobile for cash if it is deemed a total wreck or if no one is willing to buy it. Recyclers who offer ‘pay for junk vehicles’ may opt to sell off the vehicle’s salvageable parts if it isn’t entirely wrecked.

The price of a scrap automobile varies based on several factors, including the type of vehicle you have, where you live, recycling market rates, and how many salvageable parts your car contains.

Choose a recycler that offers its car removal or towing service to avoid paying additional fees to transport the automobile to them.

Get Cash Now!

If you want to get cash for your car without going through any of the above suggestions, all you have to do is get in touch with junk car buyers Sell Us Your Car Now! You’ve got nothing to lose. Today is the day to get cash for your old vehicle!

The process of getting cash for your vehicle is as simple as filling out an online form and submitting it. If you don’t need a new car, we’re not pushing you to buy one, and we’re not using any gimmicks. Just tell us about your vehicle, and you can get your cash today.

Call (602) 926-7994 or CONTACT US NOW to get your cash… today!

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Reasons Why You Should Sell a Junk Car

Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Junk Car

Do you have an old car parked in your driveway or garage? Maybe you’re attached to it because it was your first car or had some other sentimental value. Every time you look at it, you think to yourself, “I’m going to fix her up soon as I get the money and time; I don’t want to junk my car.”

But the truth is, you know how hard it is to restore an old car. Just face it, your faded/peeling (racing red was in?) 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix just won’t make the cut. Why spend thousands of dollars maintaining or restoring an old vehicle when you could get cash for a car by selling it?

If it costs more to fix than the vehicle’s current value, it is time to consider it a junk car. A car that doesn’t run is of little interest to a used auto dealer, so scrapping the car for cash is the best option. Have some extra money, and forget about it. This is how to get rid of an old car that doesn’t run!

Reasons you should sell your old car

Avoid being fined – If you have an old vehicle parked anywhere except a building code-compliant driveway, you could be violating city ordinances and be fined. Not to mention lowering your property value by having it look like a junkyard. Also, if your car is unregistered, the police can tow it, impound it, and cite you for a junk car that you can get rid of for cash.

City ordinances can be very strict. An example is Scottsdale, Arizona requirements for parking a vehicle. Get out your tape measure and check your driveway or parking spaces.

The Scottsdale City Council established the following requirements:

  • Total parking and/or driveway area shall not exceed 35% of the front yard space or 30 linear feet of lot frontage.
  • While a vehicle is parked in a residence, it may not be used for permanent living purposes.

Any vehicle parked in a front yard must be parked in the following manner:

  • At a minimum distance of one foot from any existing sidewalk
  • At least three feet from a curb that is not a sidewalk
  • At least one foot from any lot line on each side

 Generally applicable requirements for dedicated parking zones include the following:

  • All parking and driveway areas must have a dust-free surface made of concrete, asphalt, cement, brick or sealed aggregate pavement; or three (3) inches of crushed rock.
  • All parking and driveway spaces must be entirely enclosed inside a permanent barrier.
  • There are no patches of grass, lawn, compacted or hard-packed soil on the dust-free surface.

You cannot park cars in your backyard or on your front lawn, or on any grass portion, even if it’s part of the property, running condition or not.  Most cities in the U.S. have this ordinance enacted for safety and aesthetic reasons, and you definitely don’t want the HOA squad on your case!

Most Homeowners Associations have rules about specific types of vehicles that are not permitted to be parked within the community. These vehicles often include junk vehicles, RVs, trailers, campers, boats, and similar recreational vehicles. Associations establish these regulations to safeguard property values and maintain the community’s visual appeal.

Selling your car for scrap

Recycling old cars is good for the environment. Old vehicles leak automotive oils and fluids. When these substances leak, they pollute the ground, air, and waterways. The annual recycling of 12 million automobiles produces enough steel for 13 million new vehicles, decreasing the demand for new raw materials.

Once you sell a junk car to us, we will ensure that it will be carefully disassembled and recycled. We have assisted numerous customers with scrapping old cars. When we pick up junk cars that are no longer fit for use and recycle them, it safeguards the environment.

If you think you can scrap a car on your own, this involves stripping the automobile inside of any non-metal components. You’ll need to drain or clean out all fluids, disconnect all cables, remove the engine and transmission, and remove the seats, among other things.

Even if you have a ready market for your parts, you will need to properly store the stuff you take out of the car. Another time factor to consider is that you’ll probably need to research how much the parts are worth. That way, when you put parts up for sale, you would understand your profit range.

Although dismantling a car and selling its parts might be more profitable than selling a car for scrap, you really wouldn’t be able to sell everything, and you will end up with some big hunks of steel that you need to pay someone to move to the scrap yard. It’s the most time-consuming and labor-intensive part of (not) owning a car. Believe us, we know! Scrap car removal by professionals like Sell Us Your Car AZ is how to get rid of a junk car!

More reasons you should junk your car

  • Keep your family happy – Are you constantly told “get that old junk car out of here!” by your significant other?  Why not sell your car for cash and go on a short vacation or get that TV upgrade you’ve always wanted?
  • There are legal reasons – It can no longer be driven legally. Maybe your car failed a smog test or a mechanical inspection, or you lost your driver’s license, and if the registration lapses, you can get a ticket for it.
  • If you need immediate cash, you will get it by junking your car.
  • We’ll have it towed away for free and pay you cash on the spot!

Why you should rely on Sell Us Your Car AZ

Competitive Offers – With over 15 years of experience in the car buying industry, we know what your car is worth. We give cash or a check during the time we pick up junk cars. You can count on us when you need to get rid of an old junk car. And not just cars. We pay cash for trucks, SUVs, ATVs, or heavy equipment. If you have one or acres of rusting vehicles, give us a call.

If you want to sell your car fast, contact us today and get paid top dollar on the spot. Cash will be in your hand before you know it. No muss, no fuss, and you won’t have to see that old clunker, jalopy, lemon, rustbucket, bucket of bolts, or whatever you call it ever again!


How to Scrap a Car for the Most Money

If you’ve got a junk car sitting around collecting rust, stop wondering what to do with it. When it doesn’t run and you’re not planning on fixing it, your best bet is probably to scrap it. Learn more about how to sell a junk car and what other options you do have.

How Much Money Can You Get for Scrapping a Car?

Selling a car for scrap metal used to be much more lucrative. Today, demand for scrap metal is low while the supply is high. This means the price of scrap metal is fairly low. At one time, people could easily get $500 or more for their scrap car. Today, however, it largely depends on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the more you will get, and SUVs and trucks just weigh more than sedans, often yielding more overall value. You’ll get more for your vehicle if it was recently on the road.

What is the Best Way to Sell a Junk Car?

If you want to sell your junk auto for top value, you need to get your ducks in a row. First, determine whether you have a clunker. Look at the cost of repairs each month, and compare to the possibility of a new vehicle. If you are paying out $200 to $300 in repairs on a monthly average, you can likely get a newer automobile for the same amount. If your old vehicle doesn’t get good gas mileage, you can really save by upgrading your clunker to a newer vehicle. If the insurance company totaled your vehicle after an accident, citing that the cost of repairs is more than the car’s value, then you have a clunker.

To get top value out of your junk vehicle, you will need to do some research. Check the value of the model with Kelley Blue Book. Then remove all your stuff from the auto, and get your title ready. You will need to transfer ownership of the auto when you sell it, even for scrap, to remove your liability. If you don’t have a title, you will want to ask questions about how the buyer will handle it. Most junk automobile buyers have a process to deal with a lack of paperwork. You will also want to know how to cancel your insurance and plates. Selling your car to a junk auto dealer is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. Usually you just need to call the company, ask for a quote. Then schedule a time to have the company pick up the auto, and they will most likely give you cash during the exchange.

Junk Cars At Sell Us Your Car AZ


Is “Cash for Clunkers” Still Running?

Cash for Clunkers is a program through the federal government that encouraged people to trade in their old vehicles for cash to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles. This $3 billion program exhausted its funds in August 2009. Although Cash for Clunkers isn’t operating through the federal government, the State of California has a clunker program called Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) that gives automobile owners assistance with emission repair or buys older cars. The state of Texas has a similar program, but Arizona does not. You need to find a private buyer for your clunker in this state, and many others.

What Other Options do I Have?

Selling your vehicle for scrap isn’t your only option, but it does have many benefits. You can always attempt to find a private buyer for your junk vehicle. If your automobile has restorative value, many collectors would pay to take your auto just for the parts. The sad reality is that not many cars fall on that list. Finding a private buyer for your specific model could take time. Although some dealers do take junk cars as trade-ins, they are few and far between. You will likely need to pay for your auto to be towed to the dealer if you find one that will take your car, thus eating into your profit. It’s also probable that you will be locked into buying an automobile from that dealer, which you may not need or want.

You could also sell the most valuable parts of your car. Your auto may be totaled after an accident due to frame damage. The engine, air conditioning system and transmission may still be in working order. These parts are valuable. If you have space, time, and a way to get those parts out of the auto, you can always try to find sellers for specific parts. Just remember that you must have patience to find the right buyer. You’ll be responsible for shipping the parts and storing them until you do find a buyer.

These methods of getting money for your scrap vehicle may warrant you more money, but it will cost you in time and effort. You have to decide what is the trade-off.

Payment For Your Clunker At Sell Us Your Car AZ


Take Care of That Eyesore on Your Property

Scrap cars lose value over time as they rust and deteriorate. Your municipality may even give you a citation for junk in your driveway that compounds over time, costing you even more money. Stop worrying about how to deal with your junk auto. Contact us to sell your vehicle and get cash.


How to Get Rid of an Old Car Fast

Your junk car can become a goldmine if you dispose of it the right way. If you’re wondering about the best method for getting rid of old or non-running vehicles, here we’ll cover the top ways to rid yourself of an obsolete vehicle. The auto selling options listed here should help you find the best way to dispose of your old clunker–and get the most value from the transaction.

How to Get Rid of an Old Car, Running or Not

Let’s look at the top auto sale options for your old vehicle:

Go to a Dealer

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle (whether brand new or new-to-you), you may consider taking your obsolete car to an auto dealership, where you can use the old vehicle as a trade-in. This can save you time, but it may lose you money. The dealer will give you a low-ball offer for your old vehicle, provided you use the value as a down-payment toward your new ride.

The dealer can use various tactics to confuse the details of the trade-in value, so that you may not be certain if you’re getting a decent deal for your dated trade-in car. The dealership often adjusts other parts of the overall trade-purchase deal, such as the interest rate on the new loan, to make sure the dealer profits from the transaction. Be sure to look at the deal as a whole to make sure you’re getting a fair trade-in value for your old vehicle.

If you have time and want the best value, consider selling your old auto another way (see below for options). Then, bring the cash to the dealer to make your new purchase.

Bonus tips: Arrange any needed financing before going to a dealer, because dealer interest rates are typically high. For the very best deal, if you’re not buying a brand new vehicle, consider buying via a private party. Always get any vehicle you’re considering buying checked out by a reputable mechanic.

Sell the Car Yourself

Another popular method of ditching your outdated auto is to sell it to a private party. This DIY method can be complicated and many people don’t want the hassle of selling their old auto this way. Private party auto sales can be inconvenient, frustrating and time-consuming because you need to advertise, field phone calls, texts or emails, and set up appointments to view/test drive the car.

If your automobile is not in drivable condition, you may have to cover repair costs to sell it or sell individual parts (which requires significant patience, and in-depth knowledge of car parts.) You must be prepared with all required paperwork for your private party sale, including your auto’s title, maintenance documentation, any warranty still in effect, bill of sale and release of liability.

Bonus tips: Keep safety in mind if you go this route. It’s best to ensure you’re not home alone (and don’t go on a test drive alone) when dealing with a private party car buyer. If you sell to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member, be aware that this can complicate your future relationship. Don’t make specific guarantees about your auto, like “the engine is brand new” unless it’s true.

Sell it to a Junkyard

This quick and trouble-free method of getting rid of your old auto provides the ultimate convenience–provided you choose a customer-focused junk automobile removal service. If you’re thinking about simply taking your old auto to a nearby junkyard, you’re selling it as scrap. This means you likely won’t get a good offer for your elderly vehicle from a regular junkyard or parts dealer.

Instead, be sure to sell to a reputable junk car removal service like Sell Us Your Car AZ. Our service offers a great option for busy people who want to get great value from their older auto, even if it’s a non-running junker. We’re prepared to offer you an excellent “parts value” for your obsolete auto so that you get maximum value from the transaction. Even if you don’t have the auto title or have a lien on your vehicle, we can still buy your auto and deal with all the paperwork for you.

Well-established junk auto removal services appraise cars fairly and add value for that transmission you just recently replaced, for example. What’s more, we provide an instant offer for your vehicle. We can come to pick up the car, or you can drop it off, as you wish. Our team is ready to take your junk automobile off your hands, with no hassle.

Bonus Tip: You’ll find dealing with an experienced, established auto junkyard, like Sell Us Your Car AZ, to be a great experience–we promise.

Get Rid of your Obsolete Car the Easy Way–Today

Depending upon how important your time is, and how urgent getting the highest dollar value is, one of the above ways of vehicle disposal is likely the best fit for your situation. Remember, time is money–and freeing yourself of auto selling aggravation has value, too. Now is the time to take advantage of our hassle-free junk car removal service in Arizona. Contact Sell Us Your Car AZ, today.